How To build A List Of Fans For Your Music With

by Trevor T

This is a 25:55 minute video that takes you though a free tool that will allow you to get a bit of code and insert it into your website, myspace page and a couple other social networking websites – and build a mailing list.

Watch the video below, as I give you an overview on how to signup and it’s features (please note the video may take a little while to upload – but it will be worth it)!:

The reason why you will do much worse than use a tool/service like this, is because you can either use it on the web, or at your shows.

What I also like about this tool is that you can import the contact details you collect directly into your account by uploading them from a csv file (or excel spreadsheet).

Click here for the link to the website

IMPORTANT NOTE: It has come to my attention to which I have to admit I missed the terms of service, but isn’t entirely free. It states that in they offer a NON-FREE service as well as free services. The Scriggler fan data collection utility and the Scriggle Kit electronic press kit feature are free only up until the trial period has ended. After which your account will stop until you pay for the subscription, if you wish to continue.

To be quite honest, this is a lesson to always read the small print.

To read the terms of service click here.

Non the less, this is a valuable tool.

If you have any questions or thoughts about this, leave your comments below. Your feedback is always appreciated.

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