The Ultimate Record Label Guide

Dear Friend,

I have some important questions for you. Think carefully as you answer…

  • Do you see your ambition of having fun, fame, fortune and being financially free slipping away, because you are more the creative type and business just isn’t something that you’re good at?
  • Do you have dreams of owning your own record label, but is finding it hard to start?
  • Do you get frustrated not knowing what you have to do and at the same time getting confused, because there is so much information out there, while none of them are breaking it down for you in clear, easy steps?
  • Are you at your wits-end, or pulling your hair out and suffering from information overload – So much information to process with no real action plan?

    Information Overload About The Music Biz


  • Have you ever picked up a book that is 300, 400, 500 pages too many, to be considered as a step-by-step guide to starting your own record label?
  • How about reading a book that was written by some top notch entertainment lawyer that spills out legal jargon you’ll need a Masters Degree in entertainment law just to understand what the heck they are talking about. Then ended up putting the book down because it was to hard to grasp?
  • Do you fear for the worse of agreeing with the negative people around you. You know the one’s that are trying to convince you not to set up or start your own record label, because you don’t have the right resources and telling you it’s a difficult business to get into?
  • Do you feel that because you haven’t got clarity with what you are trying to achieve and you also don’t know the correct place where to start, that you won’t get your business right which makes you mess up so badly, people might call you a failure?
  • How about thinking that structuring your business correctly is just too time consuming, it takes all the fun out of running a label and takes way too long to set up a record company, especially when you’re running all over town just to fill in and submit some long, awkward application forms, when there’s tons of other things you could be sorting out?

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, then I have some important news for you… to tell you that you are not alone..

In-fact, that list of questions was created from talking to literally hundreds of passionate music loving would be start-up label owners about the problems they are facing when trying to get a independent record label up and running.

It’s a fact: Many people that have desires to start their own record company are artists in their own right or is surrounded by talented artists..

..but don’t know where and how to protect their musical assets correctly, because there are so many horror stories floating around about getting ripped off.

It’s a fact: People that are starting out end up feeling frustrated and confused, because they have been ill-informed about what application forms to apply for and what forms to fill out..

..not only that, but there are so many that you have to be alert to.

It’s a fact: Many industry professionals don’t know what to do or where to turn, because CD sales have been falling at a steady rate over the past few years…

…so, how on earth will a new indie’ survive, let alone start out, if the big players are finding it a struggle.

It’s a fact: Jobs in the record industry just aren’t safe anymore. Massive companies are firing employees left, right, and center, or at the very least having major job reshuffles, because the money isn’t coming in like it use to.

Artists aren’t selling like they use to and to top it off, fans just want music for free!

Is that really what the music industry has mounted up to?

If that is the case, what chance do you have?

I don’t know about you, but that just seems like there’s very little chance, if any at all to be a success.

That is most likely the case if you are looking to get signed to a major record label and let themy take control of your money and your life.

You’ve heard the risks that’s involved if you go that route..Hardly any creative control of your musicial output. No real say in the direction you want to be heading, and to also be financially ruined because you owe a bunch of money on that big, fat loan disguised as an advance.

And that’s even if you get signed!

You know I was a lot like you when I first started out…

I was this eager young guy with a love for music. While not being a natual musician, I had musical talent all around me that had a need to be heard.

Before I get to that, I just want to tell you a little bit about my story…

I’ve always been passionate about music. I’ve grown up around music. My whole family are musicians and singers. Some have played in bands with dreams of making it big and others have taken it on professionally to a very high level.

Me, on the other hand was not that way inclined. Regardless of my personal lack of musical talent, I still love music and music runs through the core of my being.

In fact, I didn’t have the need or drive to learn how to play an instrument or be a professional musician, even though I felt I could. I mean I was born into music. Personally, I think I just didn’t have the disipline.

I didn’t want all the limelight in that way. I know it might seem strange, but I didn’t want to be famous or be in the publics eye like you might. It was the business side of it intrigued me most. Especially when you could get all the perks of the “glamorous or glitzy” lifestyle without being in the publics’ eye.

..I mean, I still get invited to the private parties and still get to rub shoulders with the rich and famous.

However, my choice is to sign an artist that has immense talent, who also has a powerful message to tell.

On the other hand, I had a very good friend that had and still has immense talent. He could play the piano, play the guitar and write songs. Very multitalented. I’m sure you must know the type. Or you might even be that person.

Needless to say, we both had the same dream of hitting the big time.

That was definately my dream. There were a few things that was holding me back..

..What if I couldn’t set a company up. What do I need to do to get things up and running? How do I go about getting everything done? How much will it all cost? What resources do I need? What if it doesn’t work out?

There were no guarantees. I was completely scared sh%*less, as well as being utility frustrated.

I knew I didn’t want to stay working a 9 – 5 just so to make ends meet, living with the “what if’s” and never fulfilling my potential.

There had to be an easier way to set up my dream company and do business as a legitimate record label selling music.

I wanted a record company to be able to sell a lot of music, to be financially independent, to share the control with my artists over what gets released, to maintain a good balance between the business side of music and the creative side.. have music releases heard by the masses, for my artists to be famous, to allow them to have that rock and roll lifestyle they craved, to get them exposure, to give them the oppotunity to make music for the rest of their lives (if they wanted to). There just had to be a way to achieve all this!

Dream Of Becoming A Record Label Owner

Dream Of Becoming A Record Label Owner

Yes, I wanted my cake and I wanted to eat it all. I also knew I was living in a dream world. Those things only happened to very few people in this world. And the stories you hear from in the music industry with record labels loosing money and even going out of business. I thought I might as well put that idea to rest.

As the saying goes, “I was chasing a pipe dream”

I didn’t know any business systems, or even that there were such things. I didn’t have any training or education for starting a company, let alone a music recording company.

That was until one day my long time school friend – and soon to be future partner – called me up on my cellular.

“..That phone call change my life.”

You see, he had the same passion to be involved in music business as I did. Where I only got as far as just dreaming about it, he was done with the dreaming. He wanted to make it a reality.

We spoke going back and forth, me being reluctant to get involved and him answering my objections and questions with burning desire and passion. The same passion I felt before I let my dream just stay a dream.

An hour or so passed and we decided to sleep on it before deciding what we would do.

After some careful consideration, we came up with an action plan.

It was mainly made up of us asking as many questions to other experienced industry people that were already successful and doing the things we wanted to do.

We even picked up a few books on the record business and studied marketing, releasing music, branding and event organizing doing night classes.

One thing that we quickly found out from those early days until now, is that starting and running a record label is a big learning curve. There is so much to learn, so many twists and turns trying to figure out where the puzzle pieces go.

There was a lot of trial and error getting started, but eventually got off the ground and started our record company Kemet Entertainments.

I read in a book by a business building genius by the name of Michael Masterson, that starting a business is like trying to push a train. It takes a while to get going, but once it does and it builds momentum, it gets easier (well something like that, anyway)!

How true his words was..

We were finally up and running. “Yeeeaah Hooow!” We got a rough and ready contract drawn up and signed our first artist. Who happened to be my same school friend and business partner.

To cut a long story short, we booked some studio time, laid down a few tracks, got it mixed, mastered and duplicated it onto vinyl.

“Watch out world here we come…”

But (scratch record sound), when we tried to run our business with the hopes of making our mark on the music world, we found that certain doors were getting shut it our faces.

We pushed and pushed, but we kept on getting the same results. Nobody wanted to help us take our business to a higher and better level.

We eventually found out that it wasn’t that we didn’t get on with anyone or that nobody liked our music. To be honest, the response we got was great.

It was because the way we set up our label was a bit..Lets just say our label was set up a bit kamikaze-ish!

We wasn’t structured properly. We never had a strong enough or solid foundation for which we could conduct our business.

We didn’t know that was the reason at the time for certain, because we were making sales here and there. Nothing major to allow us to jack in our day time jobs, but sales all the same. We were a bit baffled.

We couldn’t join any of the music associations, because we weren’t incorporated. We couldn’t even attempt to raise any capital because we didn’t even have a business plan.

As a so-called record label, we were a joke outfit.

It took us a while to figure out what was wrong. I mean, our intensions were great, so why wouldn’t the industry players touch us?

It all boiled down to ‘how to start a business 101′. Or more like, how to start a record label business 101.

You see, there is a cut-and-paste structure you need in place to be able to call yourself a proper, legitimate record label.

So much so, that when we did get our act together and joined all the relevant music associations, got incorporated, opened our official business bank accounts and filled in the blanks that were missing from before..

..We found that when we approached big music companies to do business with us like organizing distribution deals, licensing and synchronization deals, getting sponsorship, etc, the doors started to move further and further apart.

In our first year as a registered record label our distribution avenues got widened so fast, that we released our first hit record that went on to sell our first album project which made us $131,843.98 in the first 7 months.

That album still continues to sell even right up to today 5 years on. And we’ve stopped doing any promotion for it!

Multiple Revenue Streams From Music Sales Is Like Having A Money Tree!

That hit record got us a licensing deal with a GOLD selling CD compilation from a well know club DJ, that netted us a total of $14,818.88 for a 30 minute telephone conversation.

It was also responsible for the synchronization deals for 3 British made independent films. All shot within a 12 month period. Of which 2 of the films got released on the big screen and is now being sold as a DVD world wide.

Not bad for a small independent record label outfit just out of the starting blocks!

I am not promising you that you will find that same success. You might find more, or you might find less..

What I will guarantee you is that if you are NOT inside the ‘money loop’ and your business isn’t structured correctly, you will definitely NOT get any of the opportunities that is available out there for you to take advantage of.

We learnt pretty quickly that a ‘bullet proof’ label that would be protected from illegitimate claims for music that is rightfully yours could not have been achieved if we didn’t have our paperwork in place.

A structure that would give any record label the opportunity to tap into the wealth of money that rightfully should be collected and distributed into it’s bank account could not have been done if we didn’t join the relevant music associations.

And do you want to know what the best part is? It is not hard to do, once you know how.

How we started off was a crash course in pulling your bootstraps and ‘getting gritty’.

I know you must be in this situation of wanting it all, but not knowing what to do.

All the enthusiasm and passion, but no real knowledge, no money, lack of resources and experience.

Yep, there is some good news. There is hope.

You don’t have to be running around like a headless chicken, getting little bits of theory information here and there from someone that hasn’t started out from ground level and built a company up with any prior real world knowledge.

You are going to get all you need to set your company up correctly from trademarking your name, all the way to tapping into the multiple streams of income that is available to you.

I get so many people asking for advice on this entire topic, especially with my 8 years experience of successfully running my own record label.

Because industry insiders know me and my team for getting things done and always being on the phone to help others with advice and my prior knowledge of starting a record label, reluctantly I got asked (or persuaded) to put my advice on paper.

Not something I visualized doing really.

Despite that, I thought why not. Why not help others that are in the position I was in, with no real clue to what direction to take.

That is why I put together..

What I have for you here is a guide that will explain everything you need to do, why to do it and how to do it, in an easy to read format.

When you go through this book, not only will you be armed with what to do now, you’ll also be armed with what to do next.

Could you imagine having the all the tools that could start off a whole spiral of exciting life changing events?

This book is a step-by-step walk through for what you should be doing to get you record label off the ground.

Check out what it will cover and deicide if it is what you’ve been searching for:

In Chapter 1: Preparing For Business
  • You’ll get the entire walk through for getting your business off the ground. From choosing the right name and making sure nobody else is using it, or worst still, making sure you are not stepping on anybody else’s (business) toes!
  • It’ll cover how to incorporate your label, to make sure that your personal wealth and assets are protected. You’d be able to sleep good at night knowing you are protected in this way.
  • It’ll cover how to register your trademark, so that your logo and identity is protected. There will be no way anybody will be able to steel your identity and use if for their own. You’ll be able to brand your label, so that when anyone sees your logo, they’ll know it’s you.
  • I’ll show you how to open your business bank accounts, so now you have all the core base components for starting your record business. And all the money flowing into your pockets.

In Chapter 2: Joining The Professional Music Bodies
  • I give you the breakdown of which music collection agencies you are suspposed to join as a label. And how you get paid form each one.
  • How to deal with disputes (should any arise), or turned down applications. With this knowledge, you’ll know how to deal with these issues and resolve them, without feeling that your company is in jeopardy.
In Chapter 3: Financing Your Label
  • In this chapter, you’ll get a template of how to structure your record label business plan, from start to finish. By the time you get through this section, you’ll have a concrete and thorough understanding or all the elements that is needed to plan your way to having a successful company.
  • I’ll show you how to use that same business plan to help you raise the finances to fund your new start up business. I’ll cover how to get backing from borrowing that startup capital from your bank, being a subsidiary for a larger label, to securing P & D deals and getting arts councils to fund your venture.
In Chapter 4: Contracts And Agreements
  • This chapter will show you how to get you music copyrighted in rapid time. This will protect your assets from any artist, label or any other music industry company steeling your music and claiming that it is theirs. If you think this doesn’t happen, you’ll be surprised how this type of highway robbery happens every day. This chapter will show you how to prevent it from happening to you.
  • It will also cover contracts and agreements. From the day to day staff you employ, to the different types of contracts you should be offering to the artist you sign to your label like artist contracts, publishing contracts and management agreements. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll soon have an understanding of all the different revenue streams you could tap into for both your artists and your label.
In Chapter 5: Keeping Accounts
  • This is the *sexiest* chapter of them all! It will cover one the main reasons you want to be in business; creating mola! What is more important is knowing how to keep hold of it.
  • It will cover how to choose the right person to look after your accounts. What to look for and how to test their knowledge and reliability. This section alone could save you thousands in the long run. Not only that, but when you are armed with this information, you’ll have to confidence to hire the best accountant who will help you make your label flourish.
  • This chapter will also cover how to take care of the people you work with, your team. This is so that they will stay loyal to you and help you sell more of your music faster while buiding a lasting, well organized, working relationship.
In Chapter 6: Income And Expenses
  • In this chapter you’ll learn what your costs are for the everyday running of your business. From your overheads and keeping them to a minimum, to making sure you can afford to pay your team.
  • It also shows you the different ways how to generate income, There are sections covering CD sales, download sales, gig’s, computer game licensing, ringtones merchandising and much, much more.

Did you know that to recieve royalties from any of the music collection societies as a record label, you have to have a business registration number? Without that, you wont be able to join and collect royalty money that is rightfully yours!

How about the correct collection societies you should be recieving public broadcasts royalties from, so that you get paid from your labels music whether it is broadcasted on TV, radio, a juke box, or anywhere else in public. This isn’t where most people starting a new label think.


If you thought that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get these super bonuses that cost $3,000 in legal fees:

  • BONUS No. 1: Artist album contract template. This contract alone cost my label 50x the cost of this book. And easly worth multiples of that. No matter how many artists you sign, you can cookie-cutter this agreement for as long as you want.
  • BONUS No. 2: Producer contract template. Fill in the blanks and you are good to go with this agreement. We used the same contract to collaborate our artist with some quality producers.
  • BONUS No. 3: Management contract template. This contract will save you time and money. Handy if you’re going to be managing your artists as-well-as sell their records.
  • BONUS No. 4: Single record agreement. For those of you who just want to test the waters with a new signing. This contract will give you the all important option of deciding if your new signing is a hit or miss.

Those contract agreements are what I use personally in my business today. They have cost my label $3,000 in legal fees and has been responsible for making 100x that amount and still counting. Easely worth thousands.

You’ll get it as a bonus at no cost to you for taking decisive action.


My partner thinks I’m crazy for giving those contracts away just as bonuses and my lawyer thinks I should sell them for what they cost me.

I just want to give you good value. Besides, I know that if you decide to buy this life altering book, you will definitely find them very valuable, as they will save you both time and money for when you’re starting out and well into the future.

But, before I come to my senses and take those bonuses away, scroll down to the big orange buttons marked “Add to Cart” to make your dreams into reality and get your copy of Start Your Own Record Label – The Ultimate Assist For The ‘New Era’ Indie Label

You could replicate the success I experienced. It also give you the heads up for what to look out for and what to do to avoid the pitfalls that could send you out of business like what nearly happened to my in the beginning stages.

Look at it like this:

  • You are someone that is really determined, no matter what it takes to make your dreams of becoming successful a reality..
  • You want to make the transition from working for your pay master, to being your own boss and taking charge of your own life..
  • You want the world to hear your music and sing along, word for word when they experience it live at you sold out gigs..
  • You want to feel secure inthe knowledge that your music is protected. And anyone trying to steel it will have the law on their backs..

This book is for someone that has the drive and enthusium to take action on the information that is laid out in the pages.

You don’t have to know a thing about starting out in this industry, you just need to have the right attitude and the desire to make your dreams become a reality.

If you are a bit lost and confused about which direction you should take, or you just don’t know the steps you should be taking to get your small indie record label off the ground, this book will guide you through with complete clarity.

You can sell your music and be recognised as one of the new up and coming independent record labels, that has the industry know how of a major label, only with the flexiblity to sell music how and when you want.

This book isn’t for anyone looking to get signed to a major label as an artist.

This is not for anyone that hasn’t got the drive to succed in this ever changing music industry.

This book also isn’t for anyone that works for a major record label, unless you are looking to start a label of your own.

What you’ll find here is a book that is made specifically for the would-be, new-be, indie!

The difference between this book and other books, is that this one breaks down each step in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

  • So whether you’re a person that wants to know why you have to learn this, this book will break it down for you.
  • ..and whether you like to know what you have to do, it’ll break it down for you in such an easy way that even your 10 year old niece can set your label up.
  • ..and if you want to have it broken down for you step-by-step, I’ve got you covered.
  • ..let’s not forget you guys that want some real world examples and experiences of how I personally used what is in this book.

I’ve got you covered in every angle. No need to get stuck with the lack of understanding of what to do and when to do it. It is all laid out for you to read in a proven format that will allow you to either read from cover to cover, or just skip to sections that is more relevant to whatever and wherever stage you are at.

Once you have read this book, done all the exercizes, which should take you 30 days to complete by following it step-by-step, you will get your label up and running, ready to do business and be on your way to living your dream lifestyle that you so long for.



Do you want to be second or third guessing what you should be doing, trying to move your dream forward into reality, without having any real clues if what you are doing the right thing for your new label or artists? Or do you want be able to feel confident in your abilities as being at the head of your record label being armed with this information?

The choice is yours… It’s up to you to take the next step…


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Your ordering instructions:

If you are looking to take your so-called recording hobby and turn it into legitimate record business that will serve you well for years to come..

…this is what you need to do -

  1. Get your credit or debit card handy.
  2. Click on the big orange button marked “Add to Cart” and it will take you to the secure order form.
  3. Enter in your details and click continue.
  4. When your payment has been accepted, you will automatically get redirected to a secure download page, where you can download your pdf format book for you to read right away.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this pdf book. If you don’t have it already installed on your computer, you will find a weblink on the download page for you to access free of charge.

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Click the link above, and order now.

Very sincerely,

Trevor T

P.S. Remember, you have ZERO risk. I’m so convinced that you’ll be amazed at how you will overcome those frustrations with Start Your Own Record Label – The Ultimate Assist For The ‘New Era’ Indie Label and the 4 fill in the blank contracts templates worth $3000.

In addition that I’m giving you 30 day’s RISK FREE! Don’t wait – Order today!

P.P.S. Once you start using the information, please be sure to send me an email to tell me how it’s working for you at

If you have any questions about this offer, just send an email to: and you’ll get an answer shortly.



I really appreciate the advice and communication with you on a personal level. The back & forth e-mails really keep me motivated and make me feel like I’m on the right path. Thank you so much!

Alexander Jackson.


“Starting a business can be very demanding. But in order to reach that goal you set, down the road you have to prepare for the speed bumps. Trevor T, man you got some excellet information. Man I can’t thank you enough for feeding my brain. You are the human internet, your information is outstanding! Your the man. Good work.”

Alex Penazola.


“Indeed,I appreciate your support and I know you’re giving me an unbelivable and uncommon attention.I truly valued it. I know “nothing is free in this world”, but I would express the gratitude from the bottom of my heart that you’re the light on my destination to success.”

Frank Omoyeni.


“Thank you for the info you have provided. It has given me so much needed clarity”

Colin F.


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